Genesis Minister's Conference, Eastern Region

Under the Pennsylvania Baptist Clergywomen, Inc.

About Us - Our History

During 1991 and 1992, Rev. Dr. Elizabeth H. G. Prior and Rev. Dr. Barbara R. Ramsey met each month as members of the Clinic of the East Ministers Conference at their headquarters, the Humble Tabernacle of Love Baptist Church, 2935 Floral St., Philadelphia, PA 19130.

Rev. Corinne Cosby was president of the local chapter, Clinic of the East and Rev. Dr. Daisy Braxton was the president of the Eastern Region, Pennsylvania Baptist Clergywomen, Inc.

Frequently after attending those meetings Rev. Prior and Rev. Ramsey discussed their vision of how they perceived another chapter should be developed. They wanted to create a chapter in which ministers gifted with the five-fold ministries, licensed or ordained by thire home church would have an opportunity to develop their skills and freely use their gifts to the glorify God.

They discussed their vision with a guest, Rev. Gerlene I. Nesmith, who frequented the meetings of the Clinic of the East. Rev. Nesmith was invited and agreed to join Rev. Ramsey and Rev. Prior to help start a new chapter.

Next, Rev. Ramsey contacted Rev. Dr. Daisy Braxton, president the Eastern Region and asked PBCW for permission to start another chapter. The proposal was approved by PBCW.

After several telephone conference calls, we met on January 11, 1993 and voted to accept Rev. Ramsey's suggestion to name the chapter Genesis Ministers Conference, Eastern Region, Pennsylvania Baptist Clergywomen. On February 3, 1993, we held our first official meeting in the home of Rev. Gerlene I. Nesmith. It was there that the founding officers were identified.

Rev. Ramsey was elected President because it was her vision to start the conference and name it "Genesis". Rev. Nesmith was elected First Vice President and Rev. Prior was elected the Second Vice President.

It was decided to introduce the group to the Christian community by holding a STRESS MANAGEMENT workshop on February 13, 1993 from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM at the Desert Stream Baptist Church, 1609-11 Federal St., Philadelphia, PA, Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Prior, Pastor.

In April and June 1993, respectively, Dr. Braxton announced the addition of Genesis Ministers Conference to the Eastern Region of the Pennsylvania Baptist Clergywomen, Inc. and the State Association. We voted to use an adaptation of the State Constitution and Bylaws of the Pennsylvania Baptist Clergywomen, Inc. as a model for our group.

The major difference would be that our term of office of would be four years instead of two. Our program consisted of three major components and was designed to provide each member with the opportunity to (1) preach, (2) teach the Sunday School Lesson, and (3) to teach some interesting subject which would enhance our performance as a minister of God.

We voted to meet the first Saturday of each month from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. We have 13 charter members.

Rev. Dr. Barbara Ramsey and Rev. Dr. Elizabeth H. G. Prior, Historians, prepared the history of the Genesis Ministers Conference.




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